February 26, 2009 – Patrick Burns

Posted by parahub on Tuesday, 3 of March , 2009 at 9:13 am

Tru TV’s Patrick Burns discusses Ghostock 7, which will take place in Salem, MA.  Listen to find out when!  Also hear Ruffhouse, Anthony, and Paula’s paranormal news.  Want to hear the show live with awesome classic rock?  Listen and chat on Thursday nights at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific/2am UK at parahub.org, bounceradio.net, or beastradio.com.

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Each week show hosts discuss topics such as ghosts, Bigfoot, UFO's, and other paranormal related subjects with the top names in TV, books and films. From Psychics to ghost hunters to ufologists and beyond, no subject is taboo. Parahub Radio was voted in the Top 5 paranormal radio shows in America in 2007 by Haunted America Tours and continues to gain a large following.